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      What is ONDC Hackathon


      Open network for digital commerce or ONDC is an initiative by the Department to promote industry and internal trade under the Ministry of commerce and industry. This is the first of its kind initiative globally, which will pave the way for reimagining the digital commerce business in India and establishing it as a global pioneer. ONDC is being set up so that it helps in promoting interoperability and creating a more inclusive and competitive digital commerce marketplace.

      It aims to digitalize more than 1 million businesses of various sizes and locations and amplify the geographies and social and economic coverage. It wants to spread across 35,000 pin codes by the year 2027. It will go beyond the current digital commerce model and allow its buyers and sellers to conduct business irrespective of the platforms they use to be visible digitally.

      Set of challenges in ONDC Hackathon

      The main aim of ONGC is to tap into millions of small businesses that do not have the technological expertise, and hence the government has to run a massive awareness campaign to get them on board. Small businesses with low volumes would not have the resources to match the discounts provided by heavyweight platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

      Innovation in ONDC Hackathon

      This is one of the challenges included in the ONDC Grand Hackathon.

      • The challenge for innovative solutions to power digital commerce in an open network encompassing:
      • Development of specific reusable software components, technological readiness and specific accelerator joining of network participants for digitizing catalogs, inventory management for smaller shops and vendors
      • Open contributions to the Beckn protocol
      • It is open to individuals as well as several organizations, including start-ups

      Integration in ONDC Hackathon

      Another challenge included in the ONDC Hackathon

      • A challenge to accelerate the development of several applications that are compatible with ONDC and to integrate these applications with the help of other such participants to enable e-commerce transactions on the ONDC network
      • It is open to organizations only, including start-ups

      Eligibility criteria for participating in ONDC Hackathon

      The eligibility criteria for participating in ONDC Hackathon are pretty simple. If you want to go for the innovation Hackathon, then it is open for individuals as well as organizations that include start-ups (ideation, early traction, validation, scaling state start-ups)

      Eligibility criteria for integration Hackathon are simple, but it is only open to organizations, including start-ups.

      awards in ONDC Hackathon

      Several awards are awarded in ONDC Hackathon. These are – 

      • Fiscal Incentives 
      • Award and money and grants up to INR 50 lakhs for the Hackathon
      • Non-fiscal incentives include – The opportunity to join ONDC as an early adopter and handholding and mentorship support by the ONDC team

      Objectives of ONDC Hackathon

      The ONDC is being prepared with the following objectives –

      • To promote interoperability with the help of an open network that is based on open protocols and open source specification
      • To be an enabler with minimal public digital infrastructure
      • To be scale efficient and built for population-scale adoption
      • To make digital commerce local and small business-friendly
      • To pave the way to unlock innovation for reimagining digital commerce

      To get more participation from why do digital commerce community the ONGC grand Hackathon is being organized from 7th to 9 January 2022 with the following objectives – 

      • To come up with innovative solutions that will help solve the biggest challenges that plague digital commerce in India today
      • To help with more comprehensive outreach for new potential network participants for ONDC

      With innovations in the e-commerce scenario in India, opportunities are growing more than ever. Eunimart aims to contribute to the growing e-commerce market by helping SMEs to go bigger.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What is ONDC platform?

      The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is an open protocol network that will allow any network-enabled application to identify and engage in local commerce across areas such as mobility, shopping, food order and delivery, hotel booking, and travel, among others.

      2. What is the objective of ONDC a new platform of the commerce ministry?

      The goal of the ONDC program is to encourage open networks for all elements of digital or electronic products and service exchange.

      3. Which government platform has started e-commerce in India?

      The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), a domestically developed open-source e-commerce platform, will be launched by the Indian government. By August 2022, the initiative seeks to onboard 30 million sellers and 10 million merchants online, as well as cover at least 100 cities and towns.

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