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      What is Flipkart Advantage


      ‘What is Flipkart Advantage?’ It is an inventory management system that helps entrepreneurs in warehousing, inventory management, shipping, and handling return requests. It provides customers with options like same-day delivery, 30 day return period, etc., to incentivize sales. Since this program works on an ‘invitation only’ basis, sellers need to register with Flipkart and list their products and pricing options. Once Flipkart approves their business, these sellers can avail of premium services offered by the website and enhance their sales volume.

      How does it work

      Flipkart Advantage provides warehousing, packaging, and shipment facilities for businesses that are registered with this platform. This platform helps sellers delegate responsibility for the performance of these tasks to Flipkart. Sellers store their inventory at the warehousing facilities used by the online platform. After the seller receives an order from their customer, Flipkart starts assembling, quality check and packaging these products. It also ensures that these products are shipped to their destinations with Flipkart’s assured delivery within the stipulated time. It is also responsible for handling returns requests from customers.

      Benefits for Sellers

      Sellers can use Flipkart’s expertise without any additional cost burden. They need to stock their inventory in Flipkart-approved warehouses in advance. It also ensures that the products are available with the Flipkart team when the customer places an order. This program helps in significantly expediting processes like packaging, quality checks, and shipping. Customers get their products faster, thus increasing their satisfaction with the seller and increasing their chances of placing repeat orders.

      Benefits for Customers

      Customers have the assurance that Flipkart has thoroughly checked and shipped the products under their supervision. They get additional benefits from Flipkart, like a 30 Day window for hassle-free returns on the effect they have purchased. Flipkart also provides faster delivery options like Same Day delivery. This is a desirable proposition for customers, which can influence their buying decision as well. Customers also get real-time updates of their order from the Seller’s warehouse to their doorstep.

      Flipkart Advantage Vs. Fulfilled By Amazon- Which is Better

      Both these services have several commonalities. Both offer services like warehousing, quality checks, packaging, and shipment to buyers. They also give several advantages to buyers in terms of faster delivery timings and better management of the entire shipping process. These incentives will positively influence the purchase decision of buyers, thus leading to more purchases. However, Flipkart Advantage also offers a service of 30-day return policy, which slightly tilts the scales to its advantage.

      Need Help? We Have Got You Covered

      At Eunimart, we offer sellers the advantage of centralizing all their selling channels on a single dashboard. It will help them in tracking multiple orders at one go. Sellers can use this facility to analyze transactions and make business decisions. To know more about Eunimart’s seller dashboard, kindly visit the following website.

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