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      Tata Cliq: The Fastest Growing Online Marketplace


      Tata Cliq is an e-commerce marketplace created by the Tata group. It operates in the direct selling marketplace where the seller holds inventory. The seller also has direct control over profit margins, product delivery, discounts, and supplies to the customer. The company has started trials with direct sales of TV and home appliances from brands like Xiaomi and Voltas. It is also planning to expand in the smartphone category. They are also planning to sell exclusive models in the future to create more space for their brand. Tata Cliq has raised over Rs. 300 crore from Tata Industries.

      How to Become a Seller

      To become a Tata Cliq seller, send a mail to Include details such as your name, email ID, contact number, product category, brand name, and business location. Tata Cliq will send an automated response for follow-up and background verification. There is more documentation in the form of an agreement document and a commission letter on your company letterhead. Post this; the company will send you an ‘ECS’ and a Seller Registration form. Fill and send them along with other business-related documents to finally register as a seller at Tata Cliq.

      Required Documents to Become a Seller on Cliq

      You must provide copies of the following documents along with the Seller Registration form to register as a seller at Tata Cliq:

      • VAT and CST copy
      • Pan card copy
      • TAN Copy (If Available)
      • Service Tax copy for any services billing
      • CIN Copy (from ROC)
      • Canceled Cheque
      • Company Logo

      Bank confirmation on electronics clearance form with attachment.

      The seller registration form should also have the registered company name, the list of all documents, and PAN card details. You can share multiple email IDs if you wish to avail more fulfillment centers. You must also submit details for your product catalog for listing on the Tatacliq seller portal.

      Why Become a Seller on Tata Cliq?

      Tata Cliq has some distinct advantages in the field of direct selling. The Tata Cliq login platform for sellers offers tremendous traction for your business compared to any local shops in the physical marketplace market. It also helps you save on your promotion costs. This platform also offers the following benefits:

      • Hassle-free registration process
      • Diverse customer base
      • Transparent commission model, 
      • Regular tips from sellers to improve sales
      • Real-time tracking of your sales record and profits

      Diverse Audience

      An online brand like TataCliq has a unique appeal that will attract a diverse customer base. With audiences from different parts of the country, their tastes and preferences will be vastly different. Your promotion costs reduce drastically on this platform. At the same time, your reach multiplies when compared to the offline space.

      Transparent Commission Process

      As a seller at Tata Cliq, the transparent commission system is undoubtedly an attraction. You get charged only for what you sell on the portal. Furthermore, you can track your sales and profits regularly through the seller zone Tatacliq platform. The e-commerce portal doesn’t charge for advertising your products.

      Guidance & Tips for Increased Profit

      Another reason for selling with Tata Cliq is to take advantage of their expert assistance facility. Their suggestions will help you maximize your sales on the platform. These experts can also help you with posting descriptions and photos about the product. A well-crafted product listing will surely help you get more traction and sales for your brand.

      Have More Queries?

      Tata Cliq offers you an online direct selling platform with a diverse audience base along with a smooth registration process, attractive benefits, and expert advice. You can advertise and sell your products without any hassle on this platform. Have you got further queries? Talk to us for more information.

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