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      How To Ship Internationally From India: Steps


      You need to follow specific steps to ship internationally from India. The e-commerce industry in the US is a bit different from India. But it is supposed that the ecom industry will boom in India and be able to compete with other countries.

      But there are specific steps that one must be aware of when it comes to international shipping as it can be beneficial for catering to your customers across the globe.

      These are the steps that need to be followed on how to ship internationally from India-

      • Export Haulage
      • Origin handling
      • Export customs clearance
      • Ocean freight
      • Import custom clearance
      • Destination handling
      • Import haulage

      Haulage Exportation For International Shipping

      This is the first step involving the products’ movements from shippers to the forwarders’ premises. These products are usually transported by railways or roads or sometimes both.

      Handling Of The Original Product For International Shipping

      This step requires covering all the physical handling, inspection, and cargo loading at the suppliers’ warehouse. The freight forwarder coordinates the entire process.

      Ocean Freight Charges For International Shipping

      To ensure that the shipments arrive on time, the freight forwarder scheduled a shipping line for transportation. This step covers the costs of shipping from port to port and the charges like currency adjustment factor, exchange rates, and more.

      Customs, Taxes, And Duties For International Shipping

      This is a type of official regulatory formality that involves submitting valid documents to the concerned authorities.

      Handling Of The Product At The Destination

      This step involves transporting and unloading the cargo from the port to the destination warehouse.

      Haulage Importation For International Shipping

      This is the final step of the actual delivery of the product to its consignee and finally to the consumer. 

      What Are Some Shipping Methods You Should Know

      The shipping method is referred to the rates and services that customers can choose from at check out. Here are some of the shipping methods that you must be aware of and how you can charge for them-

      • An amount that is based on weight location and delivery speed
      • Free shipping
      • Or a flat rate no matter what items are ordered

      How To Lower Your International Shipping Rates

      Here are some of the ways by which you can lower your international shipping rates.

      1. Negotiate the shipping rates with carriers. Such rates are often cheaper, and the savings will also add up quickly, especially for international shipping.
      2. You can optimize your item dimensions and weight for cheaper packaging if you can find a way to make them fit into a smaller box, and you will be able to save a lot of money on postage.
      3. You can also choose flat-rate shipping as it allows you to pack items neatly in trucks, saving you money.
      4. You can also buy packing and shipping supplies in bulk. 
      5. You can also switch from boxes to polybags to save money but remember not to ship fragile items in the polybag.

      Best Shipping Carriers With Ship Products Globally

      Here are some of the best shipping carriers used by millions of users that help you ship products globally.


      FedEx is one of the most popular international shipping companies that are experts in handling fragile items even while shipping them to international locations. The prices are also quite affordable, and hence it is worth the money invested. They even have temperature-sensitive items delivered by their superior climate control shipping services.

      Ecom Express

      Ecom Express is one of the leading logistics solutions providers. It is excellent for small as well as large e-commerce companies. They have expressed services that make it an ideal option for companies looking to give excellent delivery services to their customers.


      DHL associate is one of the trusted international shipping companies. They have outstanding real-time monitoring and tracking information to ensure that all the deliveries made are safe and prompt. They are also quite capable of handling the shipping of hazardous items like pharmaceuticals or other chemical-based companies. They also have a prominent “next day “delivery across various international locations, making it a great choice.


      DTDC is a company based in Mumbai and has shipping services spread across 240 countries. If you are looking for a trustworthy international courier to cater to customers in India and abroad, you can opt for DTDC. They are best known for their prompt mail and package delivery services across India.


      Aramex is a company that is based in Dubai and is one of the most famous multinational logistics and package delivery companies. It provides competitive shipping rates for any destination in the world. They have e-commerce solutions tailored to suit your needs and the size of your business. They handle the shipping carefully, ensuring that your customers receive the products safe and secure.


      UPS has excellent domestic services and an international courier with a network in over 20 countries. It is versatile enough to handle all sorts of shipping means like carrying hazardous goods overnight or to the delivery options, advanced tracking capabilities.

      To End With

      Many things need to be considered while choosing the correct international courier to handle your packages and deliveries. You must make an informed decision by considering the options to serve your customers in the best possible way. Some of the companies mentioned here are already leaders in the market, and they can ensure the safe delivery of your items across the globe.

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