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  • Interview with Javier Rabago

    Interview with Javier Rabago

    Javier and his wife are co-founders of Sustainable Glam, an ecommerce brand focused on innovative and eco-friendly hair care products. Beginning with crowdfunding, Sustainable Glam has seen continued growth on Amazon and in professional salons. After seeing such success even with launching just one product per year, we sat down with him to get some […]

  • How To Sell Your Art On Amazon

    How To Sell Your Art On Amazon

    If you are an artist trying to sell your art, Amazon can be an excellent platform to sell your art and become famous. We had left those days far behind when an artist had to make arrangements for an exhibition to sell his artworks. Amazon can be the best place for artists to start selling […]

  • 6 Essential emails for any ecommerce seller

    6 Essential emails for any ecommerce seller

    We spoke with Jacob Dubois, the founder and owner of Uptown Cow, about the most important emails every online store should have as part of their marketing program. Uptown Cow is a boutique marketing agency based in the northeast of the US which helps e-commerce store owners grow their online store in order to spend […]

  • Ecommerce Trademark Class in India

    Ecommerce Trademark Class in India

    The E-commerce trademark class includes all the products and services related to the business of online selling, marketing, and advertising. The eCommerce trademark class is generally referred to as class 35. The eCommerce trademark class is vast and offers a wide range of products and services registered as a trademark. Look Out for Intellectual Property […]

  • What are e-commerce conversion funnels?

    What are e-commerce conversion funnels?

    You must notice and understand how to see the pattern of users’ interaction with your website and optimize the conversion funnel accordingly. A conversion funnel is a journey when each customer goes through different stages in the website. It ultimately sums up to a conversion. These various stages include the homepage, product page, cart page, […]

  • Best channels for e-commerce marketing

    Best channels for e-commerce marketing

    Some of the best channels for e-commerce marketing would be digital advertising, email marketing, social media, public relations, paid ads, offline promotion, and much more. Many marketing channels can be considered for your e-commerce business, proving highly beneficial. These are people or organizations that can help you transfer your goods. The main intention behind the […]

  • What is e-commerce marketing?

    What is e-commerce marketing?

    E-commerce marketing means that you need a proper marketing strategy to promote your brand and the products that you sell. The best way to get results and increase your sales is by mixing both offline and online strategies. By using both strategies, you will understand your target market and who you shouldn’t ignore. Apart from […]

  • What is content marketing?

    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is the skill of creating relevant, valuable content for current and prospective customersā€”blogs, newsletters, white papers, social media postings, emails, and videos, among others. When done correctly, this content demonstrates competence and demonstrates that a business values the individuals to whom it sells. Consistent content marketing usage helps you develop and cultivate relationships […]

  • Sell Handmade Products Online

    Sell Handmade Products Online

    Indian Handmade has a robust market not just within the country but also among the overseas audience. Although knockoff Chinese products have made a dent in the market, many people still prefer authentic handmade products. An E-commerce website dedicated to these items will help businesses reach customers without much effort. Here is a glimpse of […]

  • How to Start an E-commerce Business in India

    How to Start an E-commerce Business in India

    The E-commerce space in India has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. The market is currently valued at billions of dollars, with additional room for growth and penetration into rural markets. It has also generated substantial employment opportunities all around the country. With more players entering this market every year, the […]